About Us

Prairie State PE has been working for several years on providing prevention education to the people of Southern Illinois. This is an NGO organization set up by a group of people who have come together to help educate the people the harms and defects of using drugs. Prairie State PE focuses more on the youth, as this is the age when people are easily influenced by the bad elements of society.

Prairie State PE has several programs like prevention education program that help introduce young kids to the problems that taking drugs can bring about in their lives early on. This hands-on approach helps kids understand the seriousness of the situation and learn why they should stay away from drugs at all costs.

The staff at Prairies has been given the training to help identify the people who have a higher chance of taking drugs and helping them overcome this temptation. Kids from the poorer section of the community are usually influenced by the people in their lives, so Prairie State PE tries to provide them with better role models who can influence them to make better choices.

Prevention education can help in the long run in educating the people about all the various problems that the intake of drugs can cause. Several people have even come back and thanked the staff at Prairie State PE for helping them stay out of trouble during their younger years. with the timely intervention of NGOs like Prairie State PE, it is possible to save the lives of many people in the country from the harmful effects of drugs.

Prairie State PE also has special tie up with Government rehabilitation centres. People who are interested in getting clean can approach one of the branches of Prairie State PE and fill out the necessary forms. Even once you are out of the rehab, we will help you stay on track with unscheduled check-ins, group meetings and finding you a support group.