Knowing About The Various Types OF Abuse

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April 16, 2018
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April 23, 2018

The term abuse is widely used in the current scenario. This is because people mainly woman experience various types of abuses in their lives. Abuse is nothing but the actions performed to control another person. People feel that abuse is a term that refers to physical violence against people. But there are different types of abuse that people are facing in the current situation. Sexual abuse is common in various countries, and the link talks about teaching sexual abuse prevention in schools for children.
The article below talks about the various types of abuses that people are undergoing in this society.

This is the common type of abuse experienced by both men and woman. Everyone would be aware that physical abuse is mostly experienced by women than men in our society. This is mainly due to the considering woman as a weaker sex than men. Men are considered superior in this society, and they try to rule women by hitting, kicking, slapping, punching etc. When a person enters your personal space and makes you feel comfortable, then it is considered as physical abuse. Men also experience physical abuse in his family, workplace or in this society.

This is the common abuse experienced by a woman of several countries around the world. This is also considered as physical abuse. It involves rape, sexual tortures, forced sexual acts etc. A person is said to experience sexual abuse even when his or her partner forces him to involve in sex. Judging a partner based on sex is also considered as sexual abuse. People are still unaware that marital rape is illegal. Your partner cannot force you to involve in sex unless you’re ready for it.

People make use certain words that may hurt their inner feelings. Women experience this type of verbal abuse from their husbands. They use words as a weapon and insult them. Verbal abuse can affect a person emotionally. Even though the person does not experience any physical abuse, the impact caused affects the person a lot and affects them mentally. The words used remain as a scar in the heart of the victim and takes a long time to heal. .

This is the strongest abuse as it affects the victim psychologically. Mental abuse is caused when a person makes use of strong words and wrong actions against his partner or other and make him feel mentally ill. Doubting the sanity of their partner is a mental abuse that is commonly experienced by people around the world. The abuser tries to keep the victim in isolation, and they do not reveal the abuse to others.

Financial/ Economic
Abuse is controlling another person by using various controls. When a person makes use of money as a weapon to control you, then it is called as financial abuse. You can make use of Retail POS software developed by companies like Wondersoft to identify the culprit involved in financial abuse. There are situations when a person does not allow his or her partner to access his bank account, or even they do not allow the victim to earn. Control over the financial needs of a person is termed as financial abuse.

The above are the various types of abuses that are prevalent in the society.

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