About Us


Welcome to prairiestatepe.org. We function to set family medicine as a keystone of an operative healthcare system. Our website provides information about stoppage and counseling advice for tobacco prevention, abuse prevention, delinquency prevention, and bullying prevention. We aim to show the value of family and how it helps in maintaining our entire healthcare system.

Tobacco use is the main reason for avoidable premature illness and death. Approximately more than 30% of the people smoke in a country like Denver. It has been estimated that about 43, 000 Americans die each year due to tobacco-associated diseases. If the present trend continues, there are chances for about one billion to die in the 21st century.

Constant tobacco use results in various health issues like cancer, cardiovascular disease, chronic lung disease, pneumonia or influenza. Here on this website, we have explained the importance of withdrawal and have given suggestions not only for tobacco prevention but also for other cases like bullying prevention, delinquency prevention, and abuse prevention.

It is sure our website will educate the family members who have been going through or wish to relieve their husband, wife, son or daughter from such conditions. Child abuse is one of the major public health issues. It needs a public unified approach to prevention. It includes primary prevention, secondary prevention, and tertiary prevention.

Primary prevention is stopping abuse prior to its occurrence. Secondary prevention focuses on groups that are at particular risks. Tertiary prevention responds to people who have been abused and wishes to reduce the chances of future harm.