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When it comes to delinquency prevention, there is equal responsibility among everyone including parents, schools, government agencies and non-profit organizations at various levels. With many being involved, it is tough to conclude who has the maximum responsibility to protect youth at risk. Though parents are at the first level when it comes to preventing delinquent behavior, there are others also who have important roles to play. Here, you will get to know how government agencies and other individuals help minimize juvenile delinquency.

Facts about juvenile delinquency

Basically, juvenile delinquency is the antisocial behavior exhibited by children or young people under the age of 16. It is something beyond parental control and is subjected to legal action. There are estimations that almost half of the youth arrests are based on account of assault, theft, drug abuse, curfew violations and disorderly conduct. Studies show that in recent years, there is a decline in the youth delinquency arrests. By preventing the same, we can help decrease the arrest rates further.

Government and parents work together

Given that the government is also responsible for controlling delinquency, it is important for the responsible ones to bring an effective prevention program. There is a council to coordinate with the juvenile delinquency programs and find out how the local, state and federal programs and work together to prevent delinquency among youth at high risk.

Ultimately, parents who have lost control over their kids’ behavior should also find ways to eliminate the same. When they find time to connect with their kids and stay together, there is an increased possibility to bring positive outcomes and prevent delinquency. Efforts as small as having dinner together on a daily basis will help reduce delinquency. Parents have the incredible power to help save the lives of their children from falling prey to juvenile delinquency but realizing a way to prevent it is a major task.

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