Addiction Of Tobacco Prevention In Teenagers

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May 15, 2019
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Most adult smokers and people addicted to tobacco began as teens inhaling their first cigarette innocently. When we curtail the issue at a young age, we block it from becoming a long-term problem. Ergo, how do we prevent tobacco addiction in teenagers? Here are some simple steps a guardian or parent can follow.

• Lead by example.
Children follow their elders more so with teenagers. If a child sees a parent smoking day in and day out, they are more likely to smoke. Therefore, adults should quit smoking as soon as possible. Consult a doctor on how to do it. If that is not possible, then try to:

  • Not smoke in the house
  • In the car
  • Or any place where the teen might see you
  • Don’t leave cigarettes lying around the house
  • Talk to the child about how painful it is to quit once you become addicted and the health problems that come with it

• Find out the reason.
Most often, there are four main reasons for a teenager to start smoking.

  • They are rebelling.
  • They are trying to fit in with their peer group.
  • They wish to control their weight.
  • They hope to feel adult, independent, and cool.

When you find out and understand the reason motive for smoking, you can curb the addiction in its bud. Ask them how to it feels when smoking with their friends. Applaud them when they grasp the fact that it is not healthy. If they are making bad choices, then reason them out. Also, make them aware of how companies advertise smoking as a cool thing to do so that they can sell more not because it is a glamorous pastime!

• Say a strict no.
Parents and adults feel that teenagers do not listen to them. While it is partially true, it is not entirely correct. When you disapprove of smoking and say that is not allowed, it will impact the teenager. Have strict restrictions in place. It has been proven that parents who say an unequivocal no to smoking have children who don’t ten to smoke. A lack of smoking boundaries or limits will lead to addiction.

• Hook in their vanity.
Teenagers are vain. They like clean clothes, beautiful skin, and great hair. Talk to them about what smoke does to their appearance. Tell them that tobacco addiction can:

  • Stain teeth
  • Cause bad breath
  • Make clothes smell
  • Turn the hair straggly
  • Form wrinkles

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