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June 30, 2019

Take suicidal warning signs seriously
There is a thought that those who talk much about suicide – usually don’t do it. But there was made a research of survivors of suicide and those who didn’t survive it. In more than three fourths of cases before suicide people were doing particular things to express their deepest despair to others. Each person expressing suicide warning signs should be paid attention immediately. One more spread myth is that each person who makes an attempt to shorten his or her life is a crazy one. It is possibly true only for a small part of victims and survivors of suicide, who suffer from depression and some mental disorders. Others from this category seem to manage their daily affairs in a quite normal way. But not being crazy doesn’t mean that there is no need to be careful about suicide warning signs. Also, when sometimes people hear about somebody committing suicide, they tell others the reason for that was not that big to commit it. But this point of view is also subjective. We can never understand how big was the reason for the victims or survivors of suicide. To summarize all this we can definitely say that each of us should be ready to provide suicide prevention help.Suicidal prevention help: be always attentive

It is wrong to think that if a person wants to kill himself or herself, he or she will always find the way to do it. If we want to know how to prevent suicide, first we should bear in mind that it is possible. It only requires our constant attention towards close people around us. In every person showing suicide warning signs one can find a desire to live on, to be understood and supported, to receive suicide prevention help and to be happy. If a suicidal person turns for help, your duty is to provide it using your knowledge about how to prevent suicide. That means simply to be caring, understanding, supportive and able to help coping with existing problems. If the person turns to you, you definitely have a good image in his or her eyes. Don’t lose this opportunity. It is much harder to discover a suicidal nature of the person just observing suicide warning signs:Being sad or depressed all the time. Sometimes you cannot even imagine the person smiling; you always see him or her in a blue mood. This is a very bad sign, because the depression without being treated is the most spread cause for committing suicide. Written or aural mentioning about suicide. The person can accidently or permanently mention these notions in conversations.Feeling no hope, being too pessimistic. The person from time to time gives to understand that there won’t be any happy end, whatever the topic of the conversation can be.Feeling no support from the others (family members, friends). In this case the person considers himself or herself miserable, because “nothing goes right and nobody cares”.Being too angry. This is visible well from the behavior of the person, manner of speaking, expressing thoughts and emotions, actions.Feeling of being trapped. You can see yourself or the person can tell you that there exists a problem, out of which there seems no way out.Drug or alcohol abuse. It is a very popular way to withdraw from everyday problems. The point is, the person may consider suicide as one more way to escape.Personality change. People around can see that the person changes together with his or her views, habits, actions, opinions, etc.Being too impulsive. It happens when the person is led by emotions and can hardly control his or her actions.Absence of interest to life. The person shows no interest in things that have been attractive before.Changes in eating and sleeping schedule. There should be really something serious that can cause such changes.Bad performance at school or work. This is probably connected with absence of interest and motivation.Feeling of shame, guilt complex.Writing a will.

One must remember that some people commit suicides without showing suicide warning signs. But if you still notice any, don’t hesitate to provide suicide prevention help to the person. It is better to do it sooner than later.Learn how to prevent suicide

Prevention of suicide is an activity that doesn’t take place just before it actually happens. All the sources about depression inform us that the person should be taken care of as soon as possible. Most suicidal individuals prefer not to ask for attention and often avoid suicide prevention help. They think it will bring them more severe emotional pain, because everybody around will consider them miserable and stupid, it will result in suspension from school or job, records in their medical cards and personal files and other undesirable consequences. The main and the most responsible thing is to reduce pain of such person but not make it last. The earlier attention is paid, the less risk o? suicide will remain.

Always try to give the person an opportunity to release his soul and to tell everything that in on his or her mind. To keep everything inside is very dangerous. It is not necessary to speak much, that main point is to show with you manner of listening that you really care. In such conversations suicide warning signs stated above can show up, so be very attentive. Don’t be afraid to ask directly whether the person has any thoughts about committing suicide. There is a little chance to impose this thought on the person because the notion of suicide is already on TV and in all media. It is not new. In case such thoughts are present don’t lose time and treat the person very seriously. Don’t leave such people alone. You need to be patient and persistent. If the person asks you to keep those problematic issues in secret, you better still not treat the situation by yourself. Keep as many options as possible, trying to provide suicide prevention help yourself and discuss this matter with other family members or friends, or even with a psychologist. Don’t let the person know about that. Talk to your family members or friends about how to prevent suicide. You never know when this knowledge will be of use.

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