Tips for crime prevention for kids

Tips to help you prevent crime
May 14, 2019
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May 15, 2019

Parents need to realize their every day there are thousands of children who are affected due to violent crimes. Having said that, it is your responsibility to keep them safe. It doesn’t mean that you need to keep your kids locked in the house until they grow up but to teach them the basic safety aspects and give them the awareness of crime prevention.

Basic safety crime prevention tips

It is important for young children to know about basic safety precautions in order to stay safe. These are detailed below.

Help your children learn their personal details such as full name, phone number and address including the area code and state. Teach them to call 911 when there is an appropriate situation and help them learn how to use the pay phones. Make them understand how to identify safe adults such as a security guard, teacher or police officer. Explain to them that they should not accept food, ride or gifts from strangers. Also, make sure to take the logical safety precautions in public such as accompanying young kids to the restroom.

Instill the importance of saying ‘No’ to your child at a young age. No one can touch them in such a way that it makes them feel uncomfortable. Assign a safe spot in the neighborhood such as a highly trusted friend’s house where your child can go during an emergency.

Evaluate the safety conditions in your neighborhood such as poorly lighted areas, wooded areas, etc. Once you evaluate, you need to teach your children regarding safety and ask them to avoid such areas.

Recently, the number of sexual abuse incidents is on the rise and you need to take the right step to prevent the same. You should not be embarrassed to discuss the same to your child. You can help your child understand that no one should be allowed to touch them inappropriately. Talk to them on a daily basis and listen to them carefully. Observe if your children are talking about discomfort. And, keep in mind not to shame or punish them when they confide in you.

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