How To Stop Bullying, Some Personal Checks

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Bullying is absolutely wrong, and there is never a good reason to do it. It sounds cliched, but it is very accurate. Every time you see someone bullying or you bully a person, think of how the other individual is feeling. Ask yourself:

  • Would you like to be treated that way in front of others?
  • Have you ever thought about what they may be feeling?

For the person being bullied, the experience is more than stressful. It can be traumatic that has an impact that lasts for a lifetime. Furthermore, bullying may also affect the people who watch you bully someone. They may feel afraid to interfere and thus, helpless.
So, how do we check for bullying? Ofttimes what we think as jesting can turn out to be worse. There can be many unintentional reasons for bullying like:

  • You think the other person didn’t mind and took it as fun.
  • You think the individual deserved it.

Because of these thoughts, one may end up bullying another soul without meaning to. For such instances, here is a list of questions you can ask yourself to prevent bullying.

  • Are you sure it is just teasing? If the answer is yes, then every person involved should be having fun and ready to participates. If even one person feels hurt, then it is bullying.
  • Is everyone laughing? If even one person is sad or fake laughing, then it is bullying, and you should stop at once and apologise to them.
  • Are you conflicting? Sometimes two people get angry at each other without planning too. In such situations, words may be said that hurt people. This is bullying. If that is the case, step back, get your anger in control, and resolve the disagreement peacefully. Do not abuse your power over someone.
  • Is the moment mean? Often people hurl mean and nasty comments at each other without realising how they hurt. An isolated event that happens only once can be patched, but if one person is mean to another repeatedly, then it is bullying.

If the answer to even one of the above questions was yes, then you have been a bully. Do not worry; you have the opportunity to:

  • Take responsibility for your actions, and change how you treat others.
  • Stop making others feel afraid, unsafe, and helpless.
  • Apologise and help the victim to move forward.

Always bear in mind:

  • Bullying is a big deal because it affects the victim, the bully, and those who observe the circumstances.
  • You don’t gain anything from bullying, and no-one deserves to be victimised.
  • Just because you want to fit in with the cool people doesn’t mean you have to hurt, embarrass or bully someone


  •  If you are frustrated, don’t take it out on another person. It is wrong.
  • It is possible to coexist with a person you don’t like.
  • There is no need to hurt other people.
  • Behaviour can be easily changed.

Remember, we never know what is going on in another person’s life. So, always be kind.

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