Role of Mobile Apps in Preventing Child Abuse

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May 20, 2019
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June 10, 2019
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More than 3 million cases of child abuse are reported in the United States each year. Children are not found to be safe at home or on the premises of the school anymore. Child abuse can take various forms like maltreatment, emotional or verbal abuse, physical torture, etc. Each passing year the case of child abuse is increasing.

Ways You Can Stop Child Abuse Today !

NSPCC reports are ideal eye openers

According to the recent report of NSPCC, the number of reported cases of sexual abuse of children has now become double to the cases in 2005. The main problem of child abuse is that it not only hampers the child’s brain but also leaves a mental scar in the child’s head forever.

Image Shows That NSPCC Text with White BackgroundThe impact is disastrous

Due to child abuse, children tend to lose their confidence. Child abuse also makes them weaker mentally and physically. Thus, this results in suicidal thoughts in the tender brains of the children. Many children end up their lives due to child abuse. Child abuse is a serious concern that needs to be looked upon. Preemptive education and post-event response need to be taught to the children, and the parents need to learn them as well.

To handle this extreme case of child abuse technology can be of great help. The kids these days are incredibly tech-friendly. Certain apps contain informative videos, and several educational sites provide information regarding everything.

Prevention is always better than cure

The child needs to access these apps and educate himself or herself on how to prevent such situations of child abuse. These apps not only make the children smarter but also prepares them to save themselves in times of difficulty. Child abuse does not limit itself only to outdoors; it can happen at school as well. So, the school parent communication apps can help the parents in being well informed about their ward’s performance in the school. These apps not only maintain proper communication between school authorities and the parents but also helps in on-time delivery of information to the parents from the school in case of an emergency.

Constant communication is the key

It is of utmost importance for teachers and parents to stay connected. This will maintain a flow of information regarding the child from parent to teacher and from teacher to parent. This will enable the all-around development of the child. For the maximum growth and development of the child, parent-teacher meetings should be conducted at least twice or thrice a year.

Understand the mindset of your kids

Doing this will help the parents and the teachers in knowing the child in all ways possible. The strengths and weaknesses of the child will be figured out, and the areas where the child needs assistance will be worked upon. Child abuse in any form can be prevented if the parents, the teachers, and the child work for it.

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Technology is always helpful

With the help of school parent communication apps, the teachers and parents will be able to maintain regular contact with each other and will remain well informed. Mobile can be the best friend of any child in the prevention of child abuse. Childhood USA collaborated with Darkness to Light and Ericsson developed a mobile application named Stewards of Children Prevention Toolkit. This toolkit was made to prepare the adults with skills on preemptive and post-event response to child abuse. Once they learn it themselves, the adults need to educate their children about child abuse and prepare them to deal with cases of child abuse. Ways to improve parent teacher communication – check this !

A collaborative effort can make a lot of difference

To eradicate the social evils like child abuse, every individual needs to step ahead and take necessary action. When the parents, the teachers, and the child will talk about child abuse and work as a team to prevent child abuse, and if not stopped at least they will know how to deal with such situations. Child abuse can easily be eradicated with the help of technology and the new mobile apps that are specially designed for assistance.

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