How To Prevent Bullying In Schools

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April 16, 2018
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April 16, 2018

The incidents of bullying in schools seem to be a rise in recent years. Many elders think bullying is not a serious thing and it is something normal. However, bullying has become a serious problem with incidents like death threatening, harassments, etc. Many children have committed suicide as they were unable to escape from the bullying. School administration and management are trying to enforce various steps against bullying. With parents, media and politics around, the school teachers and administrators have difficult to convince all them with regard to bullying.

Bullying can happen anytime. It can happen regularly or randomly. Many kids are unable to predict when the bullying will happen. If they are able to predict, they will report to the teachers, who hardly take measures to prevent the bullying. Usually, teachers address the matter, only after the bullying incident have occurred frequently or had become serious. It advised for teachers to address the issue as soon a student reports. Teachers should act swiftly to prevent the first act of bullying. School management should try their best to educate the teachers and other staffs to curb the bullying at any point of time. Now let us provide some tips for stop the bullying in school.

The school staffs and teachers should know the definition of bullying. Bullying is an act, where one person uses some forces physically or verbally on another person. Many staffs confuse teasing and bullying. Teasing is done to provoke or irritate a person, while bullying involves using aggressive power on another person with less power in terms of physical or money or social power. Preventing a person from what he wants to do is also an act of bullying. There are many kinds of violence involved in bullying incidents such as hitting, pushing, etc.

Teachers should not label on the child a bully or victim by simply looking the scenario from above. Teachers should find out what happened before, which lead to the bullying accident. Labeling the child can cause him or her behavioral problems in future. Teachers should be nonjudgmental when addressing the issue. It is important to find why a child commits bullying. It is important to keep in mind that each case is different and hence teachers should not address or approach the issue without any judgment.

It is important to the kid to make him or her to realize what is bullying, why it is wrong and what their consequences are. If a kid continues the bullying behavior, then the parents should be informed as a measure of further action.

When enforcing the bullying rules in schools, it is important to keeps the rules and laws according to the age. It is better to keep the rules simple and easier for the smaller kids. The bullying prevention rules should informed to all the kids. The rules should be clear, simple and minimum. The staffs and elders should display good behavior that will set as a role model to the growing kids. It is also good to reward the positive behavior as it will encourage other kids to follow them.

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