Significant Problems Related to Child Abuse

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June 8, 2019
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The trafficking of women and children in India has kept on becoming worse with time. Numerous childhoods are destroyed because of the acts of people trying to make money by resorting to such undesired social evils. Over the past few decades, several rackets profiting at the expense of children have come to light. It is beyond doubt that the penal provisions in Indian criminal laws are appropriate. However, their implementation needs a lot of work. At the same time, the reporting of various cases is essential. Check out this reference about the Effects of child abuse

Child Abuse Prevention : How To Stop it ?

Children Abuse is a Crime - Dont Be QuietLimitations of the judicial system

The guilty can’t be punished unless they are caught and brought before the appropriate courts of law. The fact is that the advent of child-friendly police stations across the country has improved the situation slightly. But the efforts need to be multiplied if the India society wants to get rid of such evils permanently.

The social issues are diverse and complex

The problems are not merely because of illegal trafficking. Substantial issues are also being caused because of child molestation. In recent years, rape of girls below the age of nine years has also become prevalent. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the mentality and moral values of the Indian society are at an all-time low.

Views of social scientists

Reports of Amnesty International and the Tata Institute of Social Sciences pointed out that the situation is getting out of control with every passing year. Unreported cases of child molestation and rape are at an all-time high. At present, every Indian district has only one child-friendly police station. Some cities and towns do not have even a single child-friendly police station.

Sad and Frightened Little Girl with Bloodshot and Bruised Eyes.

Authorities need to come to the forefront

The respective state government controls law and order in every state. Hence, it is high time that the governments of all states step up to the plate and take concrete steps in this direction. Incidents of child trafficking are substantially higher in underdeveloped states such as Bihar, Jharkhand, and Haryana.

The girl child is in a worse state

Infanticide of the female newborns has been controlled to a certain extent, but the conditions are still far from being ideal by any stretch of the imagination. Many orphanages and shelter homes have been accused of involvement in child trafficking. This fact makes the situation even more deplorable. If appropriate steps are not taken to curb these problems, then Indian children will continue to remain in a constant state of fear. Most of them do not realize the Violence in an alcoholic amilyadverse effects of child abuse, molestation, and rape until they grow up.

The impacts are long-lasting

These kids turn out to be adults with low self-esteem and confidence. At the same time, there are substantial adverse effects on their intelligence. Achieving success in a cutthroat world is out of the question for these kids. It has to be understood that they are the future of this country and the rest of the world. As a society, India needs to understand that such acts are destroying all hopes of a bright future.

Open your eyes to the reality

An incident in Muzaffarpur, Bihar, where girls living in shelter homes were tortured, raped, and molested alarmed the social scientists of the entire nation. When the girls were rescued and examined medically, the doctors conclude that more than thirty of the forty-four girls might have undergone sexual intercourse. The fact that all of them were below the age of sixteen is a cause of grave concern. We need to question the path on which we are headed collectively as a society and a country.

Scared Young Girl - Stop Child Abuse Concept

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Where will they go?

If shelter homes are in such deplorable states, then the horrors present in the outside world are beyond imagination. When the protector becomes the devilish wolf, life becomes a paradox, and the helpless remain without help at all times. NGOs and governments may not be enough to solve these existential problems. This exploitation needs to stop if Indians are desirous of becoming a truly developed country economically as well as socially.

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