Steps For Preventing Child Abuse

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April 16, 2018

The number of child abuse incidents has been on the rise in the recent decades and years. The scary fact is that many child cases of abuse are still being unreported and the actual number of cases could be really frightening. Many parents and elders told realize the importance until their child is affected by the abuse. Prevention is always better than cure, so the parents and elders should take proactive steps on child abuse prevention. In this article, we will provide some tips on child abuse prevention.

You should volunteer to spend your time with other parents in your community. This will help to identify the vulnerable kids and their parents.

Disciplining the kid is very important. Parents and elders should not discipline the kids when they are emotionally disturbed or upset. You should be calm when disciplining the children.

Abusing is not just by inflicting physical damage. Abuse can be made verbally, which can severely affect the mental health of the children. Parents should be watchful of their behavior. It is important to speak nicely to the kids, rather than using harsh words. Parents should be supportive of their kids, when they struggle in their life at any point.

Children should be taught about their rights so that they can realize what is right and wrong. Knowing the rights also helps the children to realize when things go wrong and report the abusers promptly.

As a responsible parent, you should support prevention programs in your community or anywhere you know. In most cases, caretakers intervene only after the abuse is reported. Support programs can result in prevention of abuse effectively.

Many parents are not aware of what a child abuse is. The parents should know what are the acts considered as child abuse. Lack of knowledge about the child abuse could not help in abuse prevention. Even neglecting to provide needed care to the depending children is considered as abuse.

Children, who are the victims of abuse, will show certain signs such as lack of interest, increases fear, etc. Parents and caretakers should learn the signs, so that necessary actions can be taken quickly.

Every responsible individual should invest time to create awareness and share insights and ideas about the child abuse. People together should demand the government to create laws to ensure the protection of the children.

Many parents think that child abuse is somewhere happening in the world. But the fact is that any child could be subjected to abuse from the person, who is near to the family. Child abuse can be broadly classified into four types – physical, sexual, emotional and neglect.

Physical abuse refers to assaulting or inflicting harm to the physical body, such as kicking, burning, shaking, etc.

Sexual abuse is forcing the child to do sexual activities.

Emotional abuse happens when the harmful or upsetting or insulting words are spoken to the child. Emotional abuse can affect the character and behavior of the victim.

Parents should regularly communicate with their wards to see whether they are being subjected to the abuse. With proper communication and awareness, child abuse can be prevented.

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