Importance Of Tobacco Prevention Program For Teenagers

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April 16, 2018
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May 5, 2018

Smoking, doing drugs and drinking are the major issues that engulf the teenagers and young adults. Tobacco-related products are creating havoc in our lives by damaging our health. Teenagers must be warned against ill effects of smoking,and if anyone has become addicted to this awful habit, we have specific Hospital Management Mobile Apps that cater to the need of chain smokers by making their counselors convince the smokers against smoking. For further details on ways to quit smoking, please go through the site

Some invaluable tips help the parents and guardians to talk to the teenagers regarding the use of tobacco:

1) Explain the importance of healthy lifestyle to the young adults and teenagers. Emphasize on the topic of tobacco and smoking. Tell them that to be happy and to lead a stress-free life; it is essential to be away from tobacco. Organic food and juices will help the teenagers to cope up with their busy schedules.
2) Parents who smoke will have a bad influence on their kids. Passive smoking is very harmful and dangerous too. Tell the kids to avoid tobacco related products as they do not have the awareness in their young age. Maintain smoke-free homes and establishments will inspire the kids to take the right path. Take your kids to places and restaurants that ban the use of cigarettes and tobacco so that the influence will be a positive one.
3) Explain the diseases and side effects caused due to the use of cigarettes and nicotine. Take help of social media and internet clippings to make them aware of the health complications that arise due to cigarettes. The use of E-cigarettes israising these days and are safer than the actual cigarettes as they do not have nicotine in them. But they have ingredients like formaldehyde that are toxic to the health too. Tell the kids that E-cigars not safe either and getting addicted to them is harmful as well.
4) Smoking thrills but kills. Let your kids know facts regarding cigars like each cigarette reduces the lifespan by seven minutes,and cigars have almost 70 carcinogenic agents. 7000 harmful ingredients are present in cigars and can ultimately damage the liver, heart,and lungs. Let the kids know that smoking harms the pets and people around them too.
5) Explain in detail to the kids that the laws are also against the smokers these days. Instead of being caught by the cops and facing imprisonment, it’s better to keep away from the habit of smoking.
6) If the parents are non-smokers, then they can share their experiences with the kids. They can let them know that since they are healthy and do not have any health issues, the same health benefits were imparted to the kids too. Take them to social awareness campaigns that signify the ban of cigars,and you can also take them to doctors who will explain the health hazards due to smoking in a better way.
7) Last but not the least, you can encourage your kids to be a role model to the present generation by going against smoking.

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