Things That You Must Do To Prevent Crime

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May 7, 2019
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Crime is something wrong done to an individual by people in society. The effects of misconduct can cause a significant impact on our life. Some of the criminal activities that are common today are pickpocketing, robbing at home, etc. It is essential that you must follow the following tips so that you avoid crime and related problems.

This is the conventional crime that happens in crowded placed like buses, trains, subway where the pickpocketer tries to remove your wallet or electronic gadgets from your pocket. Thus it is essential that you stay vigilant in crowded places and even in public places.

  • Make sure that you’re not a target for the crime.
  • Your instincts might be right and act accordingly.
  • Always take up paths that are populated and avoid shortcuts
  • Don’t make use of your electronic gadgets when walking in subways or other crowded places.
  • Make sure that you pay attention to the surroundings.
  • Do not travel to parks in the night when it is dark.

Crime At Office
It is not that you’re completely safe in your office. Several types of crime take place in an office premise. You must make specific tips so that you can avoid crime at the office.

  • Make sure that you secure your valuables in locked closet or drawer.
  • If you doubt the identity of strangers in your office, then call the officials of public safety.
  • Food delivery, courier delivery persons, should be stopped at the reception desk and should not be allowed inside the office.
  • Lock your room in the office when you go out.
  • When you return late to home after your work from office inform Public Safety for providing your escort for your travel

Smart Phone-Crimes
With the increase in the use of smartphones , there are several crimes reported relate to smartphones. Smartphones are snatched when you walk in busy roads, and this is the most common crime.

  • Always do make use of your phone when you walk in a crowded place. Make use of a hands-free device when you wish to talk to someone during travel.
  • White color earphones indicate that you own an iPhone to change the color of your phone.
  • Always stay vigilant and notice if someone follows you
  • You must register your smartphone with Public Safety Operation ID.

The above are some of the useful tips that would help to prevent crime.

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