Ways To Handle Cyber Bullying And Harassing

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May 7, 2019
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Cyberbullying or harassing is an act which is against the law, which can have a severe impact on people. It hurts people, and this can lead to certain other crime events like murder, which can lead to death. It is true that as human beings, we do not have any right to create pain or hurt others feelings. Cyberstalking is a crime which is punishable under the penal code. The following are some of the ways that would help to avoid the above unlawful acts.

Identify The Cause
There would be several reasons for cyberbullying i.e., bullying through emails, text, or through social media. It is essential that you identify the person who is bullying you. It can be your friend, ex, colleague, etc. Ask them to stop the bullying through email or text if you know the person. If you could not identify the person and the cause, you must take stronger actions. Remember, it is not your fault and do not feel insecure.

Block The Person
Blocking the person who bullies you through Facebook and other social media accounts can help in preventing cyberbullying. You would no longer receive messages from the bully. This can make the bully give up his act. It is a louder action that you’re not interested in his/her works.

Collect Evidence
If you receive some messages from the bully that hurts your feelings and emotions, then do not delete it. This would serve as a proof when you wish to take legal actions against the bully. So save it and have a print out in your hand, so it is helpful for legal actions.

Inform Service Providers
If any person behaves offensive, vulgar and hurts you through online then inform the service provider and block the person from the service. You can also notify Facebook about the person so that they can ask an explanation from the person for his/her act.

Ask For Help Immediately
Usually, people wait for some days so that the bullying person stops the act on his/her own. This may not happen, and the condition may worsen. Thus make sure that you inform your family members about the bully immediately so that you can avoid danger. You must ask for help when the problem starts. Educate your children that they must inform adults when they face bullying through the internet.

Take Actions
In some cases, cyberbullying can also be considered as a crime when the person does certain unlawful activities. Thus you can very well take legal actions against the bully.

The above ways can help people to manage cyberbullying.

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