Various Kinds of Child Abuse

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April 30, 2019
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May 4, 2019

With the increase in the number of victims of child abuse, preventing it has become one of the primary concerns of the Administration of Children and Families. The government has facilitated additional funding to the agency to ensure the accomplishment of this mandate. Child abuse prevention programs can reduce the increasing threats to children. If parents, community, individuals, and organizations commit to these programs, the risk factors associated with child abuse can be eliminated with time. Such prevention programs ensure utmost protection to children from cruelty.

Signs of child abuse
Child abuse is prevalent in families and any neighborhood. Child abuse crosses all boundaries irrespective of the income, religion, ethnic heritage, and race of the victim. Child abuse includes every action when a parent or guardian intentionally or by accident causes death, harm, injury, emotional damage to a child. There are multiple forms of child mistreatment, such as physical abuse, neglect, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, and exploitation of the child.

Injuring or harming is a part of abusing
When a caregiver or a parent causes injury or physical harm to a child, it is regarded as physical abuse. If any of the parents behave in such an abnormal manner, they may need through counseling. Physical maltreatment includes kicking, burning, biting, striking, whipping, or choking. Even if an individual does not mean to cause harm but still the child is injured, it is an abuse. However, physical obedience from a caregiver that does not damage the child physically or mentally is not considered as an abuse. There are better alternatives; by choosing them, you will be able to provide a healthy environment for your children.

Were you sexually abused as a child?
Almost 21% of adults complain of being sexually abused as a child. Even when a child is made to watch a sexual act, it is called sexual abuse. Inappropriate sexual talks, contact abuse, penetration, oral sex, and exploitation are symptoms of sexual mistreatment. When a child goes through such circumstances, you will notice changes in their behavior. Some behavioral signs include – depression, anxiety, aggression, excessive masturbation, and difficulty in sitting or walking.

Prevention is essential- take a step ahead
Child abuse can be stopped by addressing parents. Being a parent or a caregiver, you will need to develop a bond with your child. Affection, care, and love can help in improving the mentality of your child. Talk to your children; make them feel secure and comfortable so that they can share their problems with you. If your child feels unloved around you, then it is a form of emotional abuse. Being a parent is not natural. Do not let your problems affect your child.

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