Some Prevalent Forms of Abuses

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April 25, 2019
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May 1, 2019

Various kinds of abuses are prevalent in adult relationships. Different forms of violence are found in domestic partnerships. However, such mistreatments are common in adult and their children as well. People can become a victim of cruelty irrespective of their gender, age, education, socio-economic status, or ethnicity.

You need to keep yourself informed about the various types of abuses to stop and spot them as soon as possible. Damage is determined by the behavioral pattern of an individual and not just one incident. Some people have the mentality to gain power and control other individuals who can take on several forms.

Physical abuse is common
Physical violence is common mistreatment that comes to your mind when you hear the word’ misuse.’ A person may try to hurt or injure another using physical force. Such cruelty may include hitting, punching, kicking, slapping, strangling, or physically holding down someone against their will. In other cases, reckless driving and invading someone’s property can also be regarded as physical abuse. It is apt to say that physical abuse includes acts and behavior that makes your partner feel unsafe and insecure.

Violence has an impact on the brain and mind
Psychological or emotional abuse is another familiar form of violence. Emotional abuse refers to behavior when a person hurts another individual emotionally or affects their mental peace intentionally. Yelling, shaming, threats, and humiliating are some tactics that give rise to emotional abuse. A series of these actions can have an impact on the mental wellbeing and health of the victim. In most case, emotional abuse makes the victim doubt their sanity.

If you choose to endure, it will never stop
Sexual abuse is another form of physical violence, but it is categorized separately as it may include physical as well as non-physical components. Such damage is mostly perpetrated against women. However, men can also be a victim of sexual abuse. Rape is a principal sexual violence act. Other forced sexual assaults or molestation also falls under this category.

A partner can use their spouse to satisfy their sexual needs against the will of the other. Sexual abuse also includes unwanted touching, forced intercourse, or forced sexual contact with the partner. There are multiple ways by which the feelings around it can be used as a medium of control and power over the other partner.

An abusive relationship can have any or all of the above-stated kinds of behavior. Some other forms of mistreatments include financial abuse, elder abuse, and identity abuse. If you continue to endure these behavioral acts by your partner, it is never going to stop instead will keep escalating with time.

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