Knowing About The Types Of Bullying

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Knowing About The Types Of Bullying
Bullying is an unlawful and unwanted behavior of a person, and it hurts the other in a greater way. There are various types of bullying which differ based on how it is done and the place. It is also differentiated based on its cause. It is essential to know about the types of bullying so that we do not get into it or be a target to it.
Based On Behavior
Verbal Bullying: This is something which is done verbally where the bully calls the target and insults based on his/her status, appearance, color, caste religion, etc.
Physical Bullying: This is something where the bully physically hurts the target or creates damages to his/her things.
Social Bullying: This is a type of bullying where the target is excluded in a group. It also includes sharing information in public about another person that can create a negative impact.
Based On Place
The next categorization of the bully, is based on the place where the bully occurs.
Sometimes bully can occur directly to a person or through online.
In Person: This type of bully can be verbal, physical, and also social bullying.
Online: Social and verbal bullying can take place online, and this can result in physical bullying.
Based On Means
Direct: Direct bullying is done between two people.
Indirect Bullying: This is mostly done by spoiling the social reputation of a person and indirectly bullying the target and hurt their feelings.
Based On Visibility
Sometimes bullying can be directly seen, and sometimes it is completely hidden. Hidden bullying is dangerous.
Overt Bullying: This is the type of bullying where you know about the identity of the bully as he/she involves in bullying like physically hurting the target, verbally insulting, etc. It is also called as direct bullying, and it is the most common type of bullying
Covert Bullying: This is a type of bullying where it is not possible for others to identify the bully. This involves hand gestures, threatening look, etc. on the target. Sometimes the bully may argue that he is innocent and is not aware of anything.
Based On Harm
You can differentiate bullying based on the harm that it does to the target.
Physical Harm: This is the type of bully where the person causes physical hurt on your body
Psychological Harm: This is the type of bully where the target gets disturbed, psychologically, or mentally. It can be due to a verbal bully and a social bully. The physical bully may also result in psychological effects.
Based On Context
The bully can be categorized based on the place where it occurs
Home: Bullying can occur at home, and it is scarce
Work: This is the common place for bully where there is a chance to meet people of different caste, religion, and physical appearances.
School: Children bully others in their school due to several reasons.

One has to be aware of the various types of bullying and can take the necessary steps to prevent becoming a target for the same.

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