Useful Tactics to Prevent Privilege Abuse Attacks

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April 20, 2019
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Many organizations spend a lot of money to ensure the protection of their perimeters. However, the strategies implemented have not proved to be effective in enhancing the security of the company from within and keeping valuable data from the reach of external malicious actors. Privilege abuse attacks are frequent in cases when unfaithful staff members have access to relevant information and deep-lying parts of the business. The person can use it against the market for a ransom. Being the owner of a company, you need to make sure that access to private details should not be given to any employee that exceeds their job requirements.

Understanding the risks helps in prevention
The risks associated with the privileges given to employees are many. When allowing access to your devices to your staff members, you are allowing them to misplace, steal, or destroy essential pieces of data of your business. You cannot trust everyone around you. But maintaining a healthy relationship with the employees is also necessary. Thus, make sure that you allow limited access to data to your recruits. As in the case, you will not want to compromise the corporate environment of your workplace.

Protecting the data is a guarantee with SQL
Database infrastructure is one of the essential components of any business which are subjected to a wide range of attacks. When a company grants database privileges to a user or an employee, they may use it to get access to confidential facts about the company. It is a common scenario in many workplaces and institutions, where these pieces of information are used for personal benefits. By installing query-level access, you can control and limit the privileges offered to people and make sure that no data is disclosed to unauthorized sources.

Keep your eyes and ears open
You need to monitor the activities of your employees and contractors to prevent malicious activities. By doing so, you can let people know that they are being watched. You also need to install superior-quality database management software to ensure that no employee can convert a low-level access privilege to a high level.

Hackers may take advantage of exposed database management software to retrieve essential data. Such vulnerabilities can lead to unlawful data access and corruption. You can easily tackle such a situation by combining query-level access control and traditional intrusion prevention systems. A query-level access system can identify a special SQL operation whereas an IPS can detect a threat within the service.

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