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April 23, 2018
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May 15, 2018

The safety of children should be the primary concern for the parents, principals,and teachers. Bullying is a daily issue in schools and colleges these days,and it should be eradicated at any cost. Many organizations like Online Jewelry Stores are taking an interest in this issue and are organizing awareness campaigns. website provides an insight into the concept of bullying.

Let us see some essential tips that help the parents to prevent bullying:

1) Explain in detail about bullying to the kids. Let them know that bullying is not to be tolerated. Tell them to stand up against bullying and encourage them to support their friends too when they are bullied.
2) Habits should be taught at an early age itself. Tell the kids not to tease, hit or be mean to others. Teach them to sympathize, empathize and show pity and concern for others.
3) Communication techniques are to be taught to the kids. If you are mean to workers, drivers or waiters, the kids will also learn the same things. Make sure that you are following the basic etiquettes of communication.
4) Parents can take initiation and spend time with the kids in school during break and recess time. The behavior of the kids can be observed in this way.
5) Parents and guardians should take time from their busy schedule to interact with the kids. Ask them about their daily program and know what happened in their school and during their play time. Make them feel comfortable to talk to you so that they will share all their secrets and issues with you.

Tips that help teachers to prevent bullying:

1) Teachers should be aware of all the laws of bullying at the school and district level.
2) Partiality should be avoided,and the teachers must let the students know that they are always there for them. They should treat the students with politeness, warmth,and love.
3) During meetings and discussions, the teachers must discuss the issue of bullying with their colleagues.
4) If any case of bullying is reported, the teachers must take strict action against the concerned ward immediately.
5) Teachers must explain what exactly bullying is to the students and they can take the help of TV, video clippings and internet for this purpose.

Tips that help principals to prevent bullying:

1) Principals must host anti-bullying events regularly in the assemblies and get together sessions. Campaigns and camps can be held to create awareness in the community too.
2) Principals must make sure that authorities supervise the children at all the times like during recess, game sessions and in the buses, locker rooms, dorms,etc.
3) Students, staff,and parents should frequently be contacted by the principal to know whether any bullying is going on or not.
4) Giving speeches on bullying is not enough. The issues must be addressed,and the rules must be implemented strictly.
5) School-wide code of conduct must be decided and should be followed by all the staff and students.

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